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The term “top obscure” could have been invented for Greek grape varieties like Vidiano. It is a white grape variety coming from Crete, used to produce white dry whites, sometimes aged in oak. Vidiano has been introduced to commercial production over the last decade. Producers agree on a tremendous quality potential, so essentially this is history in the making.

Vidiano originates from the prefecture of Rethymno but now new plantings spread out, not only to Crete but in other regions of mainland Greece as well. The cultivation of Vidiano vines is pretty much work in progress, with producers facing a very steep learning curve. However, it seems that it is a variety that responds badly to high yields, producing grapes that lack structure. It would be interesting to see Vidiano grown in much cooler climates and/or higher altitudes, despite the fact that it is a late ripener. (

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