FINE WINE & RARE SPIRITS BUYING’s experts are buyers of old and rare collectible wines and spirits. Whether you are looking to downsize or monetize your collection, we are happy to help. We also offer store credit if your tastes have changed and you are looking for more wine. No collection is too large or too small.

Sell Your Wine or Spirits

Let’s experts take the stress out of selling your wine. The steps below are a basic outline of the selling process, but please feel free to contact our team with specific questions or needs. We can also send experts to personally meet with you and assess your collection on-site.

The Wine Buying Process:


Email us a detailed accounting of your collection. If you don’t have a list, download the template here. Please include:


Receive an initial quote from a Schneider’s expert.


Agree to an offer for one or more bottles.


Bring anything you’re selling into our store or have us arrange for shipment or delivery. We can handle all of the door-to-door logistics, including on-site inventory for large collections and arranging transportation.


Receive payment upon inventory and condition verification.

We understand every cellar is different, please feel free to contact us and we can assist you in understanding and monetizing your collection.

For more information, please call us at 202-543-9300 or email Allow up to 48 hours to receive confirmation that we have received your request.

*Full List of Bottle Conditions:

BSL : Bin Stained Label

Labels are dingy, dusty, or have markings from the wood case

DL : Damaged Label

label scratches, tears, staining

BWC : Broken Wax Capsule

Some of the wax capsule has come off

CC : Corroded Capsule

Disintegration of the capsule

OV : Obscured Vintage

Vintage may become obscured due to label tears, staining, or the neck label falling off. However, vintage has been confirmed

WOL : Writing on Label

Handwritten notes on the label

Ullage Indications


Very Top Shoulder


Top Shoulder


High Shoulder


Mid Shoulder


Low Shoulder