Shoro Distillery Colorful Shochu (Sweet Potato and Rice) (750ml)

Shoro Distillery Colorful Shochu (Sweet Potato and Rice) (750ml)

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This sweet potato Sochu from Japan offers an amazing aroma when cut 50/50 with warm water as it is typically served in Japan, a whole bouquet of carnation and floral/fruity notes waft from the glass.  Very complex.

Importer's Notes: This blended sweet potato shochu is made by blending the raw distillate from two different batches. One batch was made in 2016 from black koji rice and Miyazaki Beni sweet potatoes grown in Miyazaki Prefecture. The other was made in 2019 from white koji rice and Tama Akane sweet potatoes grown in Kagoshima Prefecture. This collaboration between two master brewer-distillers is uncommon in the shochu world. In fact, blending in general is not done by most distilleries. As the name implies, this shochu is colorful on the nose and palate.

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