Damilano Barolo Chinato - NV (500ml)

Damilano Barolo Chinato - NV (500ml)

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A wine based on DOCG Barolo, with aromatic herbs and china bark. It has a red garnet hue with orange reflections. Fresh, sweet and structured with a slightly bitter finish, it is particularly good as an elixir for meditation.

Aromatized wines are an ancient tradition, going back to the Greeks and Romans. They were mainly used for medicinal purposes in medieval times, thanks to friars and pharmacists. At the end of the 19th century vermouths, tonic and chinato wines were invented. The Piedmont region soon became the leading area for the vermouth production, from Torino and Barolo Chinato.

Barolo chinato was born in the shops of Langhe area pharmacists, who were the first to flavour the prestigious Barolo wine with alcoholic extract obtained through maceration of the bark of “china calissaja” (from which quinine is derived), cinnamon and liquorice, rhubarb root, gentian and many other ingredients.


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