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Albillo is a name used for a number of of grape varieties grown in northwestern Spain, notably in Galicia. The name derives from the Latin for white - many Spanish and Italian grape names with similar roots are similarly confusing.

DNA analysis has identified a number of different varieties. The three main variants are the very old Albillo Mayor and Albillo Real, plus Albillo de Albacete.

The first two are often confused in practice and rarely differentiated in official documentation. Like other varieties mentioned below, they are often simply described as Albillo. Both are also known as Albilla and Albillo de Toro.

Albillo Mayor is a presumably natural crossing of Hebén and an unknown variety. DNA studies have shown it to be a parent of Spain's flagship red grape Tempranillo, along with the obscure Benedicto. Albillo Real's parents are Hebén and Folha de Figueira

In Ribera del Duero the Pardina synonym seems most likely to be used with Mayor. Albillo is also used in the production of red wine: it is sometimes added in small quantities to Garnacha and/or Tempranillo to lift aroma and soften tannins. The famous estate of Vega Sicilia grows a small amount of Albillo for this purpose.

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