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A popular red wine producing grape native to Piedmont, Italy, known for making wines that are best consumed in their youth. It’s name, Dolcetto or “little sweet one”, is more a reference to its relatively low acidity (compared with the likes of Barbera) rather than due to any residual sugar, as it is generally fermented dry. The grape typically makes wines light in body, due to its low tannin, expressing a fragrant nose of soft, round fruit.
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2015Chionetti Dolcetto di Dogliani San Luigi 2015  Chionetti Dolcetto di Dogliani San Luigi  750ml

Producer: To be added
Varietal: Dolcetto | Country: Italy | Region: Piedmont | Type: Red

Regular Price: $29.99
Sale Price: $24.99
Availability: 15

2016Vajra Dolcetto d'Alba Coste & Fosati 2016  Vajra Dolcetto d'Alba Coste & Fosati  750ml

Producer: G. D. Vajra
Varietal: Dolcetto | Country: Italy | Region: Piedmont | Sub-Region: Langhe | Type: Red

Price: $25.99
Availability: 4