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The mineral profile of the grapes bodes well for blending and in recent times its has been blended often with Sauvignon blanc, Sémillon and Malagousia. Assyrtiko grapes clusters are large, with transparent yellow-gold skin and juicy flesh. In the volcanic soil of Santorini, there appear to be some unique characteristics that develop in the grape variety, and therefore in the wine. One of these characteristics is that Assyrtiko does not lose its acidity even if it is very ripe. Throughout Greece, the grape is vinified to make a variety of dry and sweet wines, including Vinsanto-like musky and syrup-sweet dessert wines. In Retsina, it is often blended with the less-acidic Savatiano grape.
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2018Karamolegos Feredini Santorini Assyrtiko 2018  Karamolegos Feredini Santorini Assyrtiko  750ml

Producer: To be added
Varietal: Assyrtiko | Country: Greece | Region: Santorini | Type: White

Price: $21.99

2017Manousakis Nostos Assyrtiko 2017  Manousakis Nostos Assyrtiko  750ml

Producer: Manousakis
Varietal: Assyrtiko | Country: Greece | Region: Crete | Type: White

Regular Price: $24.99
Sale Price: $19.99