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Charboneau Rum Gold 750ml

NV Charboneau Rum Gold
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Gold medal Award winning Charboneau Gold Rum is hand made in Natchez MS by the father and son team Doug and Jean-Luc Charboneau.

Using a proprietary blend of Raw Sugar and Molasses sourced directly from a sugar mill in south LA they personally ferment, distill, age and bottle the Rum.

A 93 rating and Gold Medal from the Beverage Tasting Institute (April 2016) makes this the highest rated American made Gold Rum BTI has ever rated.

Charboneau Distillery is an ADI certified Craft Distiller located in Natchez, MS, only the second licensed distillery ever in MS. Owned and operated by father and son team Doug and Jean-Luc Charboneau, they proudly put their family name on their hand made products. Using a 4 plate, single column 150 gal pot still they craft their rum from a proprietary blend of Raw Sugar and Molasses source from a nearby sugar mill in LA.

93 Points - Distiller's Notes

Producer: Charboneau Distillery

Price: $32.99

Country: United States

Region: Mississippi

Type: Rum
Made from molasses, it was in finding a use for the byproduct of sugarcane, in the Caribbean, that Rum came into being. Every island has its own distinct style, with each of the island's distilleries producing a further variation . While white rums readily form the base for a number of varied cocktails, dark rums, aged in ex-bourbon and cognac barrels, can take on great depth of flavour. They typically exhibit exotic, tropical-fruit aromas and a warm spiciness that, like any great spirit, is worthy of appreciating on its own.