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Dos Armadillos Anejo Tequila 750ml

NV Dos Armadillos Anejo Tequila [click image to zoom]
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You can’t help but notice the tactile nature of the hefty, rounded bottle with its raised pattern—like an armadillo’s—and braided rope coiled around the neck. The Tequila inside is golden, with a vanilla and coconut scent. The flavor is surprisingly herbaceous at first, both grassy and peppery, but fades into buttery vanilla tones.

90 Points - Wine Spectator

Producer: Dos Armadillos Tequila
Website: www.dosarmadillostequila.com

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Country: Mexico


Type: Tequila and Mezcal
Distilled from the Blue Agave plant, Tequila is a uniquely Mexico spirit. Of the five provinces it is made in, Jalisco produces the most significant share. To be legally classified as a tequila it must contain at least 51% Blue Agave, however producers with ambitions to create Tequila with the fullest flavour will use 100% and advertise the fact on the front label. From youngest to oldest, the categories blanco, reposado, and anjeo reflect the degree of ageing. Blanco, also known as silver, is un-aged. Reposados and Anejos are usually aged in ex-bourbon casks with the former receiving anything between 2 and 11 months and the latter between 1 and 5 years. Ageing beyond 5 years tends to result in the Tequila loosing its agave character.