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Château du Breuil Fine Calvados 750ml

NV Château du Breuil Fine Calvados [click image to zoom]
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Producer: Château du Breuil
Website: www.chateau-breuil.com

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Country: France

Region: Normandy

Type: Calvados and Apple Brandy
Named after the department in France where it’s made, Calvados is responsible for some of the World’s finest apple brandy. Like Cognac, there are several grades that reflect different levels of age and quality. Fine or Trois Pommes is aged for a minimum of two years, Vieux or Reserve is aged for at least three years, while Vieille Reserve or VSOP is aged for four years, and XO or Hors d’Age is aged for at least six years but generally for much longer. Vintage Calvados is also made in the finest years and will have some the greatest ageing potential. Young Calvados should have fresh and crisp fruit however as Calvados ages it gains more depth and concentration, developing notes of baked apple and stone fruit, as well as a nutty, caramel component.