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Bank Note Blended Scotch Whisky 1L

NV Bank Note Blended Scotch Whisky [click image to zoom]
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An iconic brand, first made over 150 years ago, Bank Note has been re-created today to give you an evocative, premium 5 Year Old Scotch Whisky… light and fresh aromas, a delicate sweetness, subtle spice and a mellow finish.

- Distiller's Notes

Producer: A.D. Rattray

Price: $24.99

Country: Scotland

Region: Highland
The Highlands is a large region that produces the widest range of styles. From light and citrussy, to rich and complex, there is enough to keep both the novice and connoisseur busy exploring everything the region has to offer.

Type: Scotch Whisky
Single malts, made by a single distillery and from 100% malted barley, comprise the majority of our selection. However you will also find a number of popular blended Scotches as well as some very special one-off, single barrel, single malts from independent bottlers.