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Flathead Cherry 750ml

NV Flathead Cherry
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Flathead Distillers has teamed up with The Orchard at Flathead Lake to create Flathead Cherry Vodka! We combine our signature vodka with no less than 4 pounds of The Orchard’s sumptuous, sweet cherries, and a hint of Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla beans, in every case we make. It takes 2 weeks to extract all that wonderful flavor to yield the freshest, most delicious Cherry Vodka you’ve ever tasted! Distiller's notes

Producer: Flathead Distillers
Website: www.flatheaddistillers.com

Price: $29.99
Sale Price: $23.99

Country: United States

Region: Montana

Type: Vodka
Due to its versatility, vodka continues to be the most popular of spirits, forming the base for the widest possible range of cocktails. A part from the dazzling array of flavoured vodka's even plain vodka's vary in taste and texture depending on the base ingredients. Although Vodka can be distilled from just about any carbohydrate, the main ingredients are often: wheat (Absolut and Ketel One,) which can impart an aniseed note, barley (Finlandia & Single Vodka) and rye (Belvedere & Zubrówka,) adding a sweetness with a slightly nutty and spicy aroma. For those who like a creamy texture, potato (Luksusowa and Boyd & Blair) can offer a soft, buttery flavour and is a great alternative for making gluten free cocktails. There are also multi-grain Vodkas such as Ultimat, which is made from rye, potato, and wheat.