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Beverage Catering

Special Events Services
Whether you’re in the midst of wedding preparations, hosting a corporate gathering or planning another special event, Schneider's will provide beverage options and services worthy of the occasion. In addition to a world-class selection of wine, beer, spirits and non-alcoholic options, there’s another special ingredient you get from a business founded in 1949: experience. Our specialists will assist you in providing the right package of beverages to meet your needs, and your budget. Our delivery team will even deliver and pick up at any venue in DC, and customers are only charged on consumption.

About Schneider's
Wedding vows are meant to last, so why not start with a beverage partner celebrating 70 years? Schneider's is an institution in Washington, DC, offering a world-class selection of wine, spirits, beer and non-alcoholic beverages for weddings of any size. What else do you get from a business founded in 1949? Experience. Our seasoned wine and spirits specialists will provide the guidance and products any couple or planner might need – including ideal food pairings, preferred champagnes and recommendations for specialty drinks.

Services Offered
Schneider’s offers complimentary, expert consultations and guided tastings of selected wines and spirits. We also provide delivery and pick-up services in DC, so couples and their families can enjoy the party. Because no two weddings are alike, we regularly provide wine, beer, spirits and non-alcoholic options to meet a wide range of budgets for gatherings of all shapes and sizes. From the champagne toast to the after-party drinks, Schneider's will make your wedding celebration complete.