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2012 Inniskillin Vidal Gold Label Oak Aged Ice Wine 375ml

2012 Inniskillin Vidal Gold Label Oak Aged Ice Wine

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Producer: Inniskillin Winery

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Varietal: Vidal
Vidal blanc is generally used to produce sweeter wines such as ice wines.

Country: Canada
In an environment that would appear to be viticulturally inhospitable exists a flourishing industry. With most of the business centred in Ontario in the east and British Columbia in the west proximity to large bodies of water is crucial in tempering the harsh winters and damaging spring frosts. While plantings of French hybrids such as Vidal Blanc took off in the 1970s producers are now experiencing success with a range of vinifera varieties including Riesling, capable of course of making exceptional ice wines, and Chardonnay. Some warmer sites are even growing Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon in warmer vintages.

Region: Niigata
Snowy, good rice, lots of mountains with clear water, and a great bunch of master brewers (toji). Very famous for very pristine, clean, dry sake. Perhaps the most popular place for sake brewing in Japan.


Type: Fortified and Dessert
Dessert wines are usually any sweet wine drunk with or around a meal. White fortified wines (fino and amontillado sherry) are usually drunk before the meal, and the red fortified wines (port and madeira) drunk after it. Most fortified wines are regarded as distinct from dessert wines, but some of the less strong fortified white wines, are regarded as honorary dessert wines. In the United States a dessert wine is legally defined as any wine over 14% alcohol by volume, which includes all fortified wines.