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2018 Monte Xanic Valle de Guadalupe Chenin Blanc Blend 750ml

2018 Monte Xanic Valle de Guadalupe Chenin Blanc Blend

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Varietal: Chenin Blanc
Incredibly dexterous, Chenin Blanc is capable of producing a wide range of styles from lusciously sweet to bone dry and sparkling to still. Indigenous to the Loire valley in France, some of the most popular sub regions include Savennières (exclusively dry), Vouvray, Montlouis, and Coteaux du Layon who's villages, Quarts de Chaume and Bonnezeaux make, when the weather permits, some of the finest dessert wines. In it's new home, in South Africa, it has taken over as the most planted varietal accounting for nearly a fifth the area under vines in the whole country and double what is grown in France. It may not retain its wet wool and honeyed aroma but its naturally high acidity is a saving grace for the countries hot Mediterranean climate.

Country: Mexico
Mexico, at the southern tip of the North American continent, might seem like an unlikely wine producing nation, but viniculture has been practiced here for longer than anywhere else in the Americas. The Parras Valley's Casa Madero winery, founded in 1597, prides itself on being la vinicola mas antigua de America ('the oldest winery in America'). At this point in history, Bordeaux's Medoc was still an undrained marsh. It was from here that viticulture spread northwards to California and then southwards, notably to Chile and Argentina.

Region: Baja California
The Baja California wine industry is focused on a small area of the state of Baja California, Mexico. Most of the production is in the Valle de Guadalupe, there is also grape and wine production in some neighboring valleys. These valleys all have Mediterranean-type microclimates instead of desert thanks to sea breezes and fog which comes inland from the Pacific Ocean. Though a bit warmer and drier, the region produces many of the same grapes as in California, producing varietals that originated in southern France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece. While wine was first made here in the late 17th century/early 18th, premium winemaking did not begin until the 1980s, with the success of the Monte Xanic winery. Wine making is very eclectic here, with no one style dominating the scene. The success of the modern wine industry has spurred a tourism industry as well, though not as developed as in some other parts of Mexico.

Sub-Region: Valle de Guadalupe
Valle de Guadalupe is the key wine region in the state of Baja California, Mexico. Baja California, in turn, is responsible for 90 percent national wine production. At the heart of the valley is Guadalupe village, which lies 14 miles (20km) north of Ensenada city. The valley runs northeast to southwest on either side of Guadalupe, stretching from the Pacific coast inland for roughly 20 miles (32 km). Over that distance the land ascends dramatically from the cliffs above Todos Santos Bay to several thousand feet above sea level.

Type: White
White wine is a wine whose color can be pale-yellow, yellow-green, and yellow-gold colored. The wine is produced from a variety of grape varieties. The flavor and color comes from the juice of the grape and sometimes the skin of the grape as well. Interestingly, not all white wine comes from white grapes. Some select red grapes are used as in Champagne.