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2016 Finca el Lince Monastrell 750ml

2016 Finca el Lince Monastrell

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Selected from our oldest vineyards of Monastrell grapes growing on calcareous soil under the sunny climate of the Region of Murcia (South East of Spain), located between 600 and 800 meters above sea level. Low yields which below 1.5 kg. per stock. In new American and French Oak barrels at 50/50.


Cherry colour at sight; ripe fruits and new oak wood very well integrated with fragrances of vanilla, definitely elegant in the nose. Extremely expressive and very well balanced, full bodied wine. - Winemaker's Notes

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Varietal: Mourvedre
Mourvedre is grown worldwide. It can produce highly perfumed wines with intense fruit flavors and notes of blackberries and gamy or meaty flavors. It will frequently have a desirable barnyard musk and may develope earthy tertiary aromas including leather and gingerbread.

Country: Spain
With more area under vines than any other country, it ranks third in terms of quantity of wine produced. The range of its wines is a reflection of the country's regional climatic diversity ranging from the rich and sumptuous reds of the hot and arid Ribera del Duero to the light, crisp whites of the cool Atlantic region of Galicia and Basque Country. For some of the country's best reds, try the regions of Rioja, Navarra, Ribera del Duero, Priorat, and Murcia. Spain is also responsible for some of the world's finest fortified and dessert wines, the finest of which come from the town Jerez (Sherry), in Andalucía.

Region: Jumilla
Jumilla DO Wine region DO Jumilla location.svg Jumilla DO in the region of Murcia and in the province of Albacete in Castile-La Mancha Official name D.O. Jumilla Type Denominación de Origen Country Spain Jumilla is a Spanish Denominación de Origen (DO) for wines that extends over the north of the region of Murcia, including the municipality of Jumilla —from which it takes its name— and the contiguous southeast of the Albacete province (municipalities of Montealegre del Castillo, Fuente-Álamo, Ontur, Hellin, Albatana and Tobarra) in the Castile-La Mancha region. There are currently 32,000 hectares currently under vines in Jumilla DO, 45% of which are in Murcia and 55% in Albacete. There are around 3,000 grape-growers registered.


Type: Red
Red wine is wine made from dark-coloured grape varieties. The color of red differs based on the grapes variety or varieties used. Interestingly, black grapes yield a juice that is greenish-white. The actual red color comes from anthocyan pigments (also called anthocyanins) from the skin of the grape (exceptions are the relatively uncommon teinturier varieties, which produce a red colored juice). Most of the production centers around the extraction of color and flavor from the grape skin.