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2016 Domaine Benoit Badoz Côtes du Jura Trousseau 750ml

2016 Domaine Benoit Badoz Côtes du Jura Trousseau

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Producer: Domaine Benoit Badoz

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Varietal: Trousseau
"Trousseau or Trousseau Noir, also known as Bastardo, is an old variety of red wine grape originating in eastern France. It is grown in small amounts in many parts of Western Europe; the largest plantations are today found in Portugal, where most famously it is used in port wine. It makes deep cherry red wines with high alcohol and high, sour candy acidity, and flavours of red berry fruits, often complemented - depending on production - by a jerky nose and an organic, mossy minerality."

Country: France
A country viewed by many as the home of fine wine, it is almost unique in terms of how embedded food and wine is in the nations culture. Given the diverse geography, with so much of the country providing the climate and soil suitable for viticulture, it is no surprise that its produces such an extensive and varied selection of wines. It is the country from where the vast majority of the New World's most popular "international" grapes and stylistic influences originate. While there might seem to be an alarming disparity between the most sought after wines (were a case might set you back as much as a deposit on a small house) and the millions of gallons of vin de table filling up the European wine lake every year, there is so much great value to be found between the two extremes. Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, and the Rhone may still dominate the market for fine wine, but regions including the Loire, Alsace, Languedoc & Roussillon and the South West are increasingly becoming excellent sources of good quality, affordable wines.

Region: Jura
Jura Wine Jura is a small wine region in eastern France which is responsible for some traditional and highly idiosyncratic wine styles. It is close to, but quite distinct from the Swiss Jura. Sandwiched between Burgundy in the west and Switzerland in the east, the region is characterized by a landscape of wooded hillsides and the twisting topography of the Jura Mountains. Jura's vineyards cover just over 4570 acres (1850ha), forming a narrow strip of land measuring nearly 50 miles (80km) from north to south. The total acreage is steadily increasing, but still represents less than one-tenth of the area under vine here two centuries ago, before phylloxera decimated the region's vineyards. Jura's wines are sold under five core appellations, the most quantitatively important of which are Arbois and Cotes du Jura.


Type: Red
Red wine is wine made from dark-coloured grape varieties. The color of red differs based on the grapes variety or varieties used. Interestingly, black grapes yield a juice that is greenish-white. The actual red color comes from anthocyan pigments (also called anthocyanins) from the skin of the grape (exceptions are the relatively uncommon teinturier varieties, which produce a red colored juice). Most of the production centers around the extraction of color and flavor from the grape skin.