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NV Konnichiha Cooking Sake 720ml

NV Konnichiha Cooking Sake

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Producer: Kizakura
Website: kizakura.co.jp/ja/en/index.html

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Varietal: Gohyakumangoku Rice
From Niigata, Fukushima, Toyama, and Ishikawa. Smooth and clean and dry and slightly fragrant. Representative Sake Brands: Shimeharitsuru and Kubota, or just about anything from Niigata.

Country: Japan
Japan is best known for producing sake rice wine which it has produced for centuries. However, recently Japan has received recognition for it's contribution in the areas of beer and whisky as well. But Sake remains the best known of Japanese wines. Although it is commonly called rice wine, its production process is more similar to beer than wine, as starch (not fructose) feeds the fermentation process. Undiluted sake reaches alcohol levels higher than beer or wine, as high as 20% alcohol by volume.

Region: Fushimi
Gekkeikan, one of the biggest brewers on earth , is headquartered there. Good water and proximity by train to Tokyo. Soft, slightly sweet, mildly fragrant, elegant. Feminine.


Type: Sake