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Battle Standard 142 Gin Navy Strength 750ml

NV Battle Standard 142 Gin Navy Strength
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"The term Navy Strength comes from the practice of proofing the Gin provided as Navy rations to 114 proof so in case it was accidentally spilled on the ship's gun-powder, the gun-powder could still be fired in battle.
The Battle Standard 142 Navy Strength Gin works great for a gin and tonic, or a glass of gin on the rocks, and is right at home in a classic martini with a small spray of dry vermouth and olives.
Comes from the same beginning as its Standard Strength little brother, but is proofed to 114 proof. This stronger proof Gin allows for even more of the botanicals to shine through and allows the juniper base and the floral citrus notes to stand out no matter how it is served."

Producer: KO Distilling
Website: www.kodistilling.com

Price: $39.99

Availability: 5

Country: United States

Region: Virginia

Type: Gin and Jenever
Gin has come a long way since its infamous origins as the scourge of the working classes in 18th century in England. Once called "mother's ruin," gin and its closest relative, Jenever, enjoyed mass popularity during the early 20th century, in cocktails and punches across the globe, but declined with cocktail culture in the 60's and 70's. The international resurgence of martinis and speakeasies has led to a boom in microdistilleries producing high-quality gins for all tastes, from dry to sweet, and with all the aromatic variety of a spice market.