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Corsair Quinoa Whiskey 750ml

NV Corsair Quinoa Whiskey
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Whole Foods isn’t the only one that’s discovered the beauty of Quinoa. Pot distilled from Quinoa, a South American grain crop grown for its seeds, and malted barley, this whiskey has an earthy, nutty flavor making this super appealing to single malt Scotch drinkers.
Quinoa comes in red, white and black varieties. This whiskey uses red and black quinoa grains. The United Nations has designated 2013 The International Year of Quinoa.

- Schneider's of Capitol Hill

Producer: Corsair
Website: www.corsairartisan.com

Price: $53.99

Availability: 2

Country: United States

Region: Kentucky

Type: American Whiskey
Hard hit by Prohibition, for decades American Whiskey has been primarily thought of as a Southern staple rather than a world class spirit. Now whether you're looking for a Rye, Bourbon, or even a Single Malt, you'll find a large range from a number of distilleries, from North to South and from the Pacific to the Atlantic coasts.