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Courvoisier C 750ml

NV Courvoisier C
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You’ll find a bold dried fruit aroma alongside caramel, oak and nuts. A bit astringent and oaky on the palate, the finish has some hazelnut, dried apricot and espresso notes. Feels soft on the tongue despite the brusque astringency and oakiness.

89 Points - Wine Enthusiast

Producer: Courvoisier
Website: www.courvoisier.com

Price: $32.99

Country: France

Region: Cognac

Type: Cognac
Cognac is considered one of the finest of distilled spirits. All Cognac comes the town the product is named after, in the South West of France, and is distilled mostly from the Ugni Blanc grape variety. Cognac has an almost unique ability amongst spirits to impart a diversity of fruitiness, whether fresh or dried, along with a subtle warming spiciness with great concentration and length.