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Art In the Age Ginger Snap Organic Liqueur 750ml

NV Art In the Age Ginger Snap Organic Liqueur
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The unique spirit was inspired by a medieval recipe invented by German Monks in the 13th Century. It is an alcoholic interpretation of what the Pennsylvania Ditch call Lebkuchen commonly known as the ginger snap.

Organic Ingredients: Blackstrap Molasses, Clove, Brown Sugar, Cinnamon, Ginger, Nutmeg, Rooibos Tea, Vanilla and Pure Cane Sugar.

- Distiller's Notes

Producer: Art In The Age
Website: www.artintheage.com

Price: $33.99

Country: United States

Region: Pennsylvania

Type: Cordials and Liqueurs
Whether a cordial, made from various fruits, or a liqueur, which is made from herbs, seeds, roots or nuts, we have the monks of 15th century Europe to thank for creating the recipes that are still used today and are an essential component to any cocktail connoisseur's cabinet.